Preview Miley’s Can’t Be Tamed Album

Here are 30 second snippets of the 12 songs on Miley’s new cd, which will be released June 22nd. I was already looking forward to hearing her new songs, but after this I am SUPERexited to find out what Miley has in store for us!!!
Here’s the tracklist:
1 Liberty Walk
2 Who Own’s My Heart
3 Can’t Be Tamed
4 Every Rose Has It’s Thorn
5 Two More Lonely People
6 Forgiveness And Love
7 Permanent December
8 Stay
9 Scars
10 Take Me Along
11 Robot
12 My Heart Beats For Love
This is definately a MUST-BUY!!!
And since I’m on the Miley-subject…here is her first live performance of Can’t Be Tamed, from Dancing With The Stars USA, and also a great remix of the song!
Can’t Be Tamed( Wideboys Remix)

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