WHAT A NIGHT!! Britney Spears (And Joe Jonas)

Last night was EPIC! It was time for Britney’s first concert at the O2 here in London. We showed up early, got a nice Brit-shirt, and prepared ourselves for what was about to happen.

First up sister-act Destinee & Paris tried to get the crowd pumping. But I think I was one of the very few that acutally knew their songs.  Still, they did a good job, and I really enjoyed it.

Next act: Joe Jonas! I was really excited to see Joe live in action, after all I’ve been listening to his new album on repeat ever since I got my hands on it. He looked great, sounded great, and all in all he did a great job aswell. He even performed one of my favourite tracks off the album, the title track “Fastlife”. Go JOE 😀

And now, on to the only thing that really matters…BRITNEY! She kicked it all of with “Hold It Against Me” and continued to please the crowd with one hit after the other. She spoke to the audience(“How are you feeling London”, “This is how i roll” among other things), and she smiled and looked happy. Her dancing is not what it used to be, but this was a big imrpovement from her “Circus”-tour. She even sang some part live, and really seemed to enjoy herself. My inner Britney-fan left the concert in another world. Not really knowing what had happened, but just knowing that I was very happy.  The only thing I was disappointed in, was the crowds lack of enthusiasm. Me and my friend jumped up and down and screamed as loud as ever, while the people around us just gave us strange looks…But anywas, what a great night! For sure, one of the best concert-experiences I’ve ever been to.

Oh and I didn’t take any pictures/videoes. I wanted to really enjoy the concert, and you can already find a lot of pictures and videoes online so I didn’t bother.


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