Pop Overdose

November has really been a good music for pop music! It started off with Cher Lloyd’s masterpiece of a debut album, “Sticks + Stones”. I didn’t even have time to get tired of any of Cher’s  songs, before Pixie Lott’s stunning second album “Young Foolish Happy ” was released the week after that. I am loving her new album, it is definitiely a step up from her debut album!

And as if this wasn’t enough, this week “One Direction” and “The Saturdays” both released their new albums aswell.

But even though I love all of these albums, I guess the biggest release of Novemeber is Rihanna’s sixth album, “Talk That Talk”. It is jam-packed with hits, and it will most definitey continue her reign of the worldwide charts.

It is safe to say that my iPod is on heavy rotation these days, and I am a very happy pop fanatic.

I’ll start off with the best from Pixie’s album! She’s collaborated with Stevie Wonder and John Legend on this album, that’s impressive 😀

Nobody Does It Better

Kiss The Stars

Stevies On The Radio(Stevie Wonder plays the harmonica in this one)

Till The Sun Comes Out


You Win

I Throw My Hands Up

Wow, I didn’t realize that I liked that many tracks…yeah in other words her album is great!


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