Intervjuet: Thief

Jeg skrev om Australske Thief forrige uke, og skrøt musikken hans opp i skyene. Etter en uke til med musikken hans på hyppig rotasjon, har jeg rukket å bli enda mer glad i sangene hans. EP’en “Closer”, består av fire knallsterke sanger, som fascinerer fra start til slutt.
Derfor tenke jeg det var gøy å ta en liten prat med artisten selv, og høre rett fra kilden hva han har å si om musikken sin. Han forteller om endringen av artistnavn fra PJ Wolf til Thief, og om hans fremtidige musikk og turneplaner.
Over til THIEF!

When/How did you first realize that you wanted to be an artist? 

I don’t think there was ever a specific moment for me. I always just kinda did what I ever I wanted to do, which was to make music mostly, and my parents and friends indulged me. And they still do!

What made you to start over with a new artist name?

It was mostly about giving myself permission to try something completely different. I wanted to try some things that didn’t really gel with the other material i was writing at the time so i just thought, why not start something new. 

How has your sound changed from PJ Wolf to Thief?

It’s definitely more electronic. It’s also a lot more inspired by mainstream pop music which i’ve always felt outside of and yet had a strange fascination with. 

Which one of your songs are you most proud of, so far?

I’m really proud of how Broken Boy turned out. It was the first track i finished with Matt Redlich Co-Producing. I just think it’s a great sounding track. I’m also super proud of a couple of the new tunes I’ve written that i’m sure will get heard sometime next year.

Where do you want to go with your music in the future? Do you have an album in the making?

I just want to keep doing interesting projects. Hopefully some cool collaborations and maybe some songwriting for other artists. There is definitely a Thief album in the works which i’m super excited about!

Have you left PJ Wolf completely, or are you still working on music for both of your projects?

It’s on hold for the moment but I’ll definitely come back to it. I’ve got a stack of songs to record. I do miss the immediacy of being in a studio and just putting something down to tape. It’s much less cerebral and more about how you feel in that particular moment. It’s harder to get that vibe when your sitting in front of a computer screen.

Do you have any plans for a European tour? If so, please stop by Norway 😉

Nothing I can announce just yet, but i would love to visit Norway! Hopefully I get there in the not too distant future.

And the last question is something I ask everyone I interview, what is your favorite Britney Spears-song?  

There are so many. “Toxic” is obviously just a massive pop song, incredible production and hooks everywhere. But I’m a Neptunes fanboy so I’ll say “I’m a Slave 4 U”.  
Thanks for answering my questions, hopefully I’ll be able to see you live on tour soon!

Om du enda ikke har gjort det, så sjekk ut hele EP’en her. Du kommer ikke til å angre.

Her er en av sangene han ga ut som PJ Wolf, sammen med Karoshi. Dette er “Sleepwalker”. Litt annen stil en Thief-musikken, foretrekker den nye retningen hans altså.


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